Fatherhood is a Choice


Traditionally, when it comes to parenting many men default to their work schedule, their back pocket or a designated assignment referred to as  “check with mom”. In fact many fathers are somewhat at a distance to their children and for many it is more a duty or responsibility rather than an enjoyable and evolving relationship. I say this with absolutely no predetermined critique of fatherhood or men that parent. The fact is traditionally with child rearing, men would follow the mothers lead and act more like a relief parent.

The culture and paradigm has changed for men and many men are now experiencing single parent fatherhood or may be fathering in a blended family. Regardless of the conditions this blog is focused on men that parent and how to get the most from and give the most to their children. This is not a rules based approach, since parenting is a malleable relationship with little people that are less sophisticated but interested.The general idea is to roll out the experience buffet, share experience and insight, reduce the fear and stress and form a strategy for a good experience not just for the kids but for dad to.

Moms are good but they’re not dads and dad is not required to be a hairier or harder version of mom. I’m a father and I think it’s OK to view parenting and child rearing from a male perspective, doing that does not always require an approving nod or conversation with mom. There’s lots of single dads out there as are single moms. Moms have been networking their child rearing insights and expertise for generations, men haven’t. Maybe it’s time too start. No, it is time to start.

I have a pretty broad interest in parenting that includes everything from healthy infant attachment and bonding to who to pass the family bible to. For those who may visit and exchange ideas, positions on gender politics will default to men, always. That’s why I chose the name Fatherist and not apologist. Consider it a men’s sight first last and always. This is a guy space, women are welcome guests, but let’s not create a need for putting plastic over the upholstery. Good content and thoughtful exchange will always be welcome. Any topic that relates to fathering and for that matter masculinity is good to go. This is for us guys, regardless of age and even if your not a father, but considering the option. The doors open.

Note: This is not necessarily a free speech forum. I reserve the right to limit participation and commenting for no other reason than simple negativity, it’s counter productive and unnecessary.


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